It's Natasha here, first with a little fact about us. We both have BEng (Hons) degrees in Electronic Engineering, graduating in amazing places.
Steve at the Birmingham Symphony Hall and me at Guildford Cathedral!

You might be wondering how Squirrel Tech Solutions began; well, it was a surprising one, especially for us! Steve was asked if he could set up a Moodle virtual learning environment (VLE), and that’s what he did. Although his first question was, "WHAT IS MOODLE!". As the work grew, I came on board getting knowledgeable about it all. As one bit of work led to another; websites, design, help with marketing and some other “stuff”, it was time for me to move on from working in web testing for other companies and take a lead role in our company. Since then we've worked with a number of customers, on a variety of projects, including creating websites and providing input and advice into their businesses.


I’ve worked on some exciting stuff during my career, which started out in Research and Development. This includes going on all sorts of interesting trials, usually in muddy places in the rain! Honestly it was brilliant fun :) I traded in R&D for Operational Analysis and worked with models instead of “things”. A change in direction took me to software testing of Nokia mobile phone cameras, utilising both my technical background and my knowledge of photography. A natural progression led me to web testing covering all sorts of things, including online travel booking systems, where I booked and cancelled more flights and hotels then I could ever imagine!!!

When I’m not working I’ve always loved creative “stuff”! From music to photography, writing to digital scrapbooking. I use these skills on my own personal websites, as well as for work. I also love nature, getting outdoors walking in the countryside, and National Trust gardens. 

Now here I am putting everything I know to good use as Creative Director of Squirrel Tech Solutions Ltd. I know it says Creative in my title but I do techy things too! It really is the best job in the world :)


It's time to share Steve's story. Steve writes code, mainly C but also VB. OK, he does more than write code, he does lots of techy stuff. After working with CNC machines, rolling roads and some other things I’ve probably forgotten about he started working in his ideal job in R&D at Nokia. This included working on USB and Music, before moving to the Camera Team; a great place to be when you enjoy a spot of photography in your spare time. His team were responsible for some cool implementations for Nokia Series 40 phones. Lots of exciting stuff! 

Now working as a Scrum Master and a Configuration Manager for a PLM administrative team in a different job sector, he still does a spot of coding when he can.

In his spare time Steve works with we me at Squirrel Tech Solutions Ltd as Technical Director, working on all the techy “stuff”: PHP, SQL reports, Excel VBA, setting up Linux servers to host WordPress websites and Moodle VLE's amongst other things.

As well as enjoying photography Steve also likes keeping up to date with technology and gadgets.


Why work with us?

The first thing we do is to get to know you and your business. This "inside" knowledge helps us create your personal solution, and we work with you every step of the way to implement it. This style of working works whether you're just starting out or have been in business for many years. We also have a flexible, agile, method of working, which is particulary popular with our customers, who often have changing requirements. For those customers who require more than an individual piece of work undertaking we develop long term working relationships and provide continued service in a number of areas, including new work.

To find out more about our services and how we can help you take a look at OUR SERVICES